My driving knowledge

Do you drive for work or for leisure? In any of these cases if you spend a lot of time on roads we are sure you saw many drivers with bad behaviour, doing dangerous maneuvers because the lack of knowledge of road rules or because stupidity, use of the phone, because they were rushing or simple because they were not completely focused on the road.

The aim of this platform is to share, from our (and others) road and driving experience, opinions, bad behaviour, what to pay attention to and anything else we find interesting and helpful.

If you have something good to share to the community , write to with your story, the subject "Driving" and our moderators will review and make it visible online, if we find it useful.

Polite behaviour

We try to teach people why not to do things like cheating on trafic:

  • Pretending you entry on a motorway to go further in front of many other cars when you actually where on the busy motorway, just before an empty joining road - the long ending lanes. Check this article


When driving you need to take care of things that many times you would not think about and you will only know if you are an experienced driver. Eq.: What to expect when driving behind or along a long truck that is going to change the direction on tight corner. See this article.

My father taught me some of this things I am reading from your platform. Is really nice to see here thoughts that only an old experienced driver will share.

John Arch
Delivery driver