Share your professional experience and knowledge into driving

Do you participate to the road trafic for a business or you drive for leisure? In both cases you see many times people acting illegal or unusuall while driving a car.

Share from what you see and know!

Teach other what to do and mostly, what not to do in certain situations.

Write to with an article you want to publish and the subject "Driving" and wait for our moderators to review and make it visible to everybody.

Good maniers on the roads

We try to teach people things that will generate a good conduit on the road, like using the right lane on time, rathen than going on the wrong one and force an entry on the right one at the end. See this article.


While driving or preparing to drive you need to take care of things that many times you will only here about from other experience drivers. Like taking care of a long truck that will go left or right when you are right behing it. See this article.
My father taught me some of this things I am reading from your platform. Is really nice to see here thoughts that only an old experienced driver will share.