How to Drive a Car with a Manual Transmission Correctly. What to Avoid at all Costs

| In Articles | 5th July 2020

There are some mistakes that drivers make behind the wheel and which, if not corrected, will lead to malfunction and damage to the components of the manual transmission and other parts of the car.

how to drive a car with manual transmission

Many drivers have developed certain driving habits that are not at all healthy for the manual transmission and other car components.

The most common mistakes that drivers make when driving a car with a manual transmission.

Driving with the foot on the clutch

The clutch is the left pedal which allows transition between gears. Although it may seem strange, there are many drivers who drive with their left foot on the clutch, especially on long journeys. This leads to premature clutch wear and, as some drivers have learned, it is not at all cheap to replace its defective components. Get used to lifting your foot off the clutch immediately after shifting, when driving a car with a manual transmission.

Do not shift pressing the gas pedal

The car is in neutral and pressing the gas when the clutch is in, will increase your revolutions per minute, thus causing a jerky shift or, in the worst case, damaging the engine or transmission.

Do not force the shift lever to enter first gear.

It has never happened to us that the gearbox lever refuses to easily enter first gear in a car with a manual transmission. This is especially the case with older cars, where the clutch is extremely worn, so the plate does not come off the flywheel completely. Do not make the mistake of forcing the gearbox, but bring the lever to neutral, lift the foot off the clutch and then press it again, and the lever will easily enter the first gear. If driving the car can't be done with ease then it can be a technical problem and you should address to a service.

When changing to reverse, only lift the clutch after using the brake and the car it stops moving

Many drivers are in a hurry, especially when parking the car, and do not wait for the vehicle to stop completely before going in reverse. The result is not funny at all. If you repeat this maneuver a few times on a car with manual transmission, you will almost certainly end up with the car in service to replace some gearbox components. By the way, even if the metallic noise that scratches your ears isn't enough to make you stop doing this maneuver, I don't know what it could do. Always wait for the car to come to a complete stop and only then engage reverse gear.

Do not stand with your foot on the clutch pedal at the traffic lights

Some drivers that use cars with manual transmission have a habit of standing with their foot locked on the clutch and their lever in the first gear at the traffic lights, although this sometimes means two minutes. In the medium and long term, this maneuver will lead to premature wear of the clutch bearing and will not be funny at all when you will no longer be able to engage the lever at any gear when in traffic.

Use the brake on the steep sections of the road

There are many drivers who choose to drive in steep areas, especially in the mountains, directly from the clutch. It is another mistake because the clutch disc will not withstand such pressure too much. Engine revs are another mistake that many drivers make, and if you've done so before, you should stop. When leaving the ramp, first apply the parking brake, engage the lever in first gear, and as soon as you release the parking brake, you can easily disengage, relieving the clutch pressure. In this way you will preserve in good condition you manual transmission car for a longer time.

Do not force the gearbox when the engine is cold

As experienced drivers know, it is not at all advisable to leave in a whirlwind and make aggressive maneuvers in traffic, especially in the cold season. In cars with manual transmission, the gearbox oil is cold and will not lubricate the transmission components properly. This explains why the lever is harder to enter in speed in the first minutes of driving. If you ignore this recommendation, it will not take long for one of the transmission components to fail because proper lubrication has not been performed. So be patient for a few minutes for the gearbox oil to heat up before driving the car, and changing gears will be extremely easy after.

This are the most common mistakes done when driving a car with a manual transmission. If you succeed in properly using the clutch, then you can say you are a driver that can drive a manual car. Increase your driving skills by reading about How to behave while driving next to a large truck . Drive safe!