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A drivers guide for when they have passengers in child seats

If you are a parent and you drive, or you simply have to take children in your car, you must follow a few safety steps before and after you put any children into a child seat. For a child, no  [...]

How and how not to use a phone while driving

Using a phone while driving is prohibited by law, but most drivers still use it and they can fall into the next categories. Drivers that hold the phone to the ear One of the most dangerous  [...]

Having a dashcam is very important but take care on what you buy

You might think that any dashcam will do the job, but this is not entirely true. Not all dashcams can read a registration number of a car in move on low light conditions. There are o lot of cheap car [...]

Blind spot, can make you guilty of something that you couldn’t see

Newer cars from our days have sensors on sides of the cars that can scan that close surrounding (blind spot) of a car where the driver can't see anything without turning the had to look over shoulder [...]

How to behave while driving next to a large truck

Large trucks with trailers needs increased attention In traffic we need to pay more attention to large trucks with big cargo trailers because of their size, vulnerability in some climate condition [...]

Overtaking on the highways – can it be faked and still be legal?

As this article can be visible for drivers in countries where driving is on the left or right, overtaking to left or right will be replaced with overtaking from inside (a faster speed lane) or from o [...]

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